We are often told that we are very good hosts, but we believe our only merit is that we have been able to choose our home. It’s easy to be hospitable when you love your home and your roots. Sharing them is a real pleasure, much more so when you discover that love for your land and its traditions, they multiply when you transmit them through the senses… That’s why when we look for the way to tell the world our luck, we don’t hesitate: A RESTAURANT IN VALLDEMOSSA.

Through the senses, we said… Valldemossa you have to feel it, its beauty and its history are perfectly reflected in photographs and books, but love comes when you live it. Its smell, the wind of the Tramontana, the incredible views from the lookout point, go down to the harbor, the breeze of the sea, its people, the local trade, its architecture, the touch of its walls, the leisurely walks through cobbled streets, marquees and balconies adorned with flowers.

We do not say it, great characters from history have chosen our people to inspire themselves to their home, Chopin, Jovellanos, Ramon Llull, Rubén Darío or Jorge Luis Borges, are just a few of them. Also famous women, and of course great love stories:

“Everything the poet and the painter can dream of, nature has created it in this place”, so Aurora Dudevant, the royal name of the poet George Sand, defined the Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa, which was his refuge of love with Frederic Chopin.

Our restaurant in Valldemossa is witness almost daily to romantic dinners, contemporary love stories, couples of our days that you find in Can Costa your time. But sometimes we like to imagine how it would be to receive these ancient loves in our house, that they would converse sitting at our table, if they would give their hands timidly sharing an entree, what wine they would choose to fill their glasses and why they would provide that night, or that morning… 

the romantic date, which never happened like this.

Surely they would rise early, in the first light of the day. Frederic would sit in front of his piano, next to the fire, composing and decomposing preludes.

Whiles Aurora, you would hold a hot cup of coffee between your hands resting on the column of the balcony, watching the infinite green of the mountain, which dilutes on the horizon like sugar at breakfast.

A few hours and a few verses later, she would approach him slowly, on her back, as to gently pull him out of her pentagram universe and invite him to accompany her to walk among the almond blossoms.

To the first roars of stomach announcing hunger, they would ask “What is the best restaurant in Valldemossa?”. Then a country woman with a basket filled with onions would say: “The majorcan food in Valldemossa, awaits you in Can Costa, we bring our best local produce there, and they become the recipes that our grandmothers have jealously kept, while they inadvertently created our gastronomy and tradition”.

A complicated look between the two of which they say “do we go?”, “come on”.

She would take her hand by stretching her arm like a naughty girl, inviting her to take the path he wouldn’t hesitate to take a second; in an unconscious gesture, nothing reflected, like a flicker, her right foot would advance behind her left, following her where she wanted to go.

And there they would arrive. At the time, they would appear out our door, looking for their magic corner, even take a seat next to the old oil mill located in the main living room.

Jose and Anto, would be excited about them, because they always receive with emotion.

He would offer them one of the most special wines he keeps in the cellar, of those of special occasions, of which they do not discork if love is not served at the table. Anto would start singing the specialities of the menu and the seasonal suggestions.

Would they ask for paella in our restaurant? Frederic would like it, he has heard about the rice dishes of Can Costa all over Mallorca. But Aurora could not erase from his retina the image of that country woman with her basket overflowing with vegetables, and would ask almost with craving roosterfish with onion, although finally what she would enjoy most is the “tumbet”… We noticed it with her look.

We don’t know, but we love to imagine it… That of all the restaurant in Valldemossa, they chose ours and that their love story with Majorcan food began here.

We stop dreaming, because whoever you already chose, you are, that there is a beginning to be hunger, and the aroma that becomes out of our kitchen tells us that is time to put the table, for today’s lovers. Although who knows, perhaps we produce a special menu Aurora-Chopin, for some magical night of those in our garden that plays live music. We are inspired.

If we are the best restaurant in Valldemossa, you have to say it, we will continue to give you reasons to choose us, telling you where everything that ends up in a dish, which is our true love story begins.